A couple of days ago Tim Van Damme, one of the web designers I admire the most, posted this simple game: Go to the address bar in your favorite browser, and type one letter. Start with “a”, end with “z”. Here is mine:

Wow, this really speaks for itself. Thanks to Tim Van Damme for doing this, it is actually a good exercise and a good way to know people more about their activities, hobbies, work, etc.

Leave yours! I assure you will be surprised.


Want a Google Wave invitation?

I will be giving away (today only) two Google Wave Invitations to the best answers for this question:

How is it called a Hole-In-One in a Par 3, 4, and 5?

Yes, they do exist. ;) Leave your comments here!

Good Luck!

Apple Magic Mouse: Review

Apple Magic Mouse

Yesterday I went to try out the Magic Mouse to the Apple Store. Luckily I have one 3 block from here. Ha! I entered to the Apple Store, and I didn’t resist the temptation and started using the first Magic Mouse in front of me. I was stood up, and lining forward. Definitely not the best position to use a mouse or a computer.

After 5 minutes of scrolling, swiping, and clicking I felt like I had tendinitis in my hand. I realized then not being sat down with my hand in straight line with my forearm, could cause severe pain. Therefore, I moved to a 27” iMac with a seat. Now my wrist could rest on the table while using the mouse.

I could  say that the pain was almost gone, but I still had this uncomfortable sensation because of my last position. This time I stayed 20 minutes using the mouse, browsing, scrolling 360, and I loved it.

There are three things that impressed me. Fist, the feel and texture of the Magic Mouse. If you have an iPhone, image you are touching the screen, its like glass. This makes the scrolling and swiping very smooth. Second, you can scroll down with either one or two fingers, and it has the same effect as the iPhone! This is so intuitive that you wish you will never have to live without it ever again. Last (but not least), you can click and scroll almost everywhere on the mouse. The surface allows you to scroll from top to bottom and to click from the top to the middle on the mouse. Yes, you have right and left click too. But not center click as the Mighty Mouse use to have.

To give you an idea of the size of the mouse, it is slightly smaller than an iPhone and even thinner!

My recommendations? If you are going to an Apple Store to try this mouse, sit down before using it, this will prevent any wrong impressions.

My final word, buy it if you like to enjoy high-tech, great design, and are an Apple fan like I am. ;)

Foliage in Boston

This year, friends and I went to see the foliage just around the corner. None of us knew about this place before and it is amazing. The Mount Auburn Cemetery is right next to Cambridge, and it offers all kinds of trees with infinite colors. Definitely a place to visit all year-round.

– Gerardo Diaz

My Latest Project: InterConsorcio

My latest project was InterConsorcio, a Biotechnology company based in Ecuador. It was very demanding in terms of the number of pages that needed to be designed. I am very satisfied with the final output (after three different mock-up designs). It truly pays off to don’t stick with what you have, keep creating.
Here you can see the process of how the website came to live.

– Gerardo Diaz

Fun makes life better

I have always believed that Europe has much more to offer in many ways, including advertising and creativity for day life activities. Look at this video I found, really interesting.

Fun makes our lives better!

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